Overcoming the fear of success...and why this is preventing you from reaching your goals...

Overcoming the fear of success...and why this is preventing you from reaching your goals...
Photo by Vadim Bogulov / Unsplash

I had debated for the longest time writing this post, mostly because it's not something that's overwhelming positive in the beginning but then I came to the realization that we as people are completely desensitized at this point.

We, as people have been used to seeing others brag on social media about the absolute best things that are happening to them but we don't bother to mention the hardships it took to get there.

While others, just blatantly lie about their success, and create a virtual ruse for everyone to see.

I'm not here to sell you some magic potion that's going to land you the dream job you've been waiting for or become some overnight financial success....but I will tell you what you mentally need to do to help get you out of the rut you might feel you are in and start taking baby steps to a better you...

As you know, I'd like to give you a little bit of context of where I was in my life at this point, what could be my lowest point? You'd be surprised...

I'm about halfway through college at the time and I have a newborn, I'm on minimum wage, and I'm literally living paycheck to paycheck.

You can image, I'm at my most vulnerable...low and behold, a multi marketing business opportunity had come my way.

I, of course, got consumed and was brought into a meeting where I was told all my dreams would come true if I just followed what I was told in said business opportunity, little did I know I would be cold selling and trying to recruit all my family and friends into the business.

Short story my friends, I had derailed my life for about a good year and spent money, gas, and time I didn't have...I thought I was broke before, now this is even worse, and I'm way into the negative...this is my lowest point.

But I had learned something here, and it was the painful lesson learned in "instant gratification", where I had thought that by doing this other thing, I could reach a better financial goal for my family much quicker, thus making it a quick rich scheme...no such thing exist...

But I had also learned that I was facing another issue, and issue that isn't talked about very often, and it was the "fear of success", I had kept procrastinating working and using the skills I already had because I thought I needed some paper / degree , or approval from a certified expert to be able to start doing what I'm really good at. I was afraid that I could actually be respected as an individual who was trying to grow in technology.

Looking back at it now, and seeing how I had been learning about technology as young as 11 years old, I could have very well gotten myself an IT Helpdesk, and had been more than qualified to do it...but I was afraid to succeed without having some imaginary pre-requisites, I thought at the time that by not having my college degree, I would have been laughed out of the room during an interview.

My friends, we overthink things, and this prevents us from taking action. Here is my short and simple advice without overcomplicating anything.

Start now! Take Action! You don't have to be perfect!

Get into whatever field you so choose, find the entry level job you need to get into now by applying. It's okay to get rejections, if after applying to 50 to 100 jobs you are still not getitng the results you seek, find specific skills you might be missing and focus on study for the months you need to enter that field.

After studying and gaining those new skills, after about 6 to 12 months, try again. Easier said than done, but work on it every day and you will eventually see results, till next time - Tech Crew.